Tuesday, 8 August 2017


As we continue to celebrate record property sales, billions of Euros of investment into Marbella primarily into property development and the tourist industry . tourism is booming. Yes folks Marbella surely is one of the most wonderful places on earth to live.

More great news for Marbella and certainly welcomed by us Marbellians.....

Olive Press reports: Under new rules, revellers who exhibit drunk and disorderly behaviour could could be slapped with hefty fines.

To nip the problem in the bud, they have threatened to revoke licences from businesses which encourage the unruly behaviour.

Security official Javier Porcuna, said in a press conference last month: “We are not talking about controls which go further than what the council can do, but there are types of licences which are absolutely discretionary and we will assess if they are contributing to the improvement of the Puerto Banus ‘product’ or if they are taking a step backwards.”

Tourism professor Josep-Francesc Valls, from ESADE Business School, condemned those who walk around without a shirt or in a bathing suit and cause damage to the streets during drunken brawls.

Marbella continues to be one of the safest places to live in Europe.

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