Saturday, 15 July 2017


Earlier today three Arab terrorists who are equal citizens of Israel left their home in northern Israel and entered what is supposed to be one of the holiest places for Islam, the Temple Mount, carrying weapons. They opened fire on an Israeli police force stationed nearby and killed two Israeli Druz police officers and injured a third officer who served their country with pride ! The terrorists fled into the mosque area on Temple Mount and were shot down by police officers after a gun fight. Those terrorists lived in Israel, carried Israeli nationality, enjoyed the fruits of this country an although they are an Arab minority they had every right that an Israeli citizen enjoy. The two druz police officers are also a minority but unlike those F***king terrorists, they are serving their country with honor and pride for many years in Israel's top police and military units.

Now please do not accept the false claims made by those terror organizations or Palestinian leaders which are trying to create false image. How come they are fighting for what is supposed to Holy and smuggle armed terrorists inside ???c

May those warriors Rest In Peace!

And my the scum that did this rot in hell.

Now the anti Semites will call the shooting by the Israeli soldiers of the Arabs who carried out this cowerdley act heroes and the solders murderers! Sad but true !

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