Friday, 23 December 2016

Today headline reads: NOT GUILTY Police who raided Sir Cliff's home were looking for child porn: Magistrate granted warrant to look for 'items related to abuse' and 'media storage devices' with indecent images
Detectives convinced a magistrate to grant the warrant to bolster their case
Raid was filmed in a sweetheart deal with South Yorkshire Police, papers show
Force claims it feared evidence may be lost if BBC tipped off singer with story
Sir Cliff is now suing force for millions but it chief has now said BBC should pay.

So do we see the scum of the earth apologizing to Sir Cliff ? You must be fucking joking!!! One must remember these morons get their FACTS from, conspiracy theorists websites, blogs and Facebook's etc. And who were the accusers? . It emerged that among those making spurious claims against him were known fantasists, a rapist and a blackmailer. The revelation that police asked for a warrant to search for child abuse images will heap further humiliation on the singer, 76.

These losers have a lot in common; 99% are agnostic with a hatred of all religion. They are mostly anti Semites many support extremists groups like the neo Nazi's and the National Front, They are in most part holocaust deniers, They are reeked with jealousy of anyone who's successful, a reflection of their own failures in life. But one of the most outstanding features they are PERVERTS!!! They love looking at pornography. Thanks to my spy on the web he sent me a set of disgusting photographs that one of these perverts posted on their social media of Princess Kate where they have placed her head on naked women's bodies, using these photos to fantasies with. Can you just imagine what her children might think when they grow up if they ever got to see these pictures, mind you that just might have been the purpose because hate and jealousy is their backbone.

In short they live a sad lonely life most without family or family they hate and are comforted by the bottle.

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