Saturday, 17 December 2016

How to spot a anti Semite:

Firstly they are very cowardly and normally will NEVER use their real name. Secondly they will pretend that they are caring humanitarians but will scan all the discredited websites looking for hatred against Jews. You will never see a posting on their Facebook's about atrocities carried out by Islamic fundamentalists only the propaganda against Jews. They are normally extremely jealous of anyone who has succeeded in their lives and ALL have a sexual perversion towards women. They believe ALL that conspiracy theorists write without question. They always back the losers believing they are supporting the underdog. They are full of hatred to the point of it being an obsession. They NEVER write about their family simply because that might show a weakness on their behalf. Love is something they crave for but have never had. They confuse love with sexual obsession. You will often find naked men or women posted on the social media websites. They spend hours looking at pornography on the internet.

Here is an example of how they behave. As the world sees and writes about some of the worst atrocities against mankind since the World War 2. they will chose to ignore it and continue their rant against Jews. So here is something they can post on their Facebooks or Blogs.

Watch this and feel ashamed of your anti Semite hatred and start showing compassion against the people of Syria.....

As Aleppo falls to the Syrian Army - and its innocent people are being slaughtered in the streets - the world continues to watch on.
Where are the thousands taking to the streets, voicing their outrage in defiant protest?
Where is the pathetic BDS movement - and its advocating disciples - always ready and eager to blindly jump behind some scurrilous placard that they have been duped into carrying and displaying, or murmuring some generic verse that they have learned to chant?
Yes - where ARE the concerned voices of the BDS movement in their quest to strive for humanitarianism?
And why is this?
This is because BDS is an unfair, discriminatory movement based on a camouflaged moral double standard, which is as disreputable as are its advocates.
DON'T FORGET ALEPPO - don't turn a blind eye.

Finally the anti Israeli scum use words like genocide when referring about the treatment of Palestinians by Israelis. Here's a question this scum can never answer: WHAT GENOCIDE??? Genocide is when 600,000 Syrians men women and children have been slaughters over the last 4 years!!! Now lets hear your feeble answer to something comparable by the Israelis towards the Palestinians. Muslims have killed far more Muslims than Israelis ever have. End of!

Talking about killing, lets finish on some good news......

Hamas operative known as 'The Engineer' assassinated by Mossad in Tunisia

The target, Mohhamed Alzoari, known to Israel's security echelon as "The Engineer," was found shot to death inside his vehicle in the city of Sfax,.

Remember Hamas are the leaders of the Palestinians living in Gaza.

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