Wednesday, 21 December 2016

OPINION: Is it not incredible that a country the size of Israel that is barely 60 years old is blamed for EVERY atrocity that the world has seen over the last 30 years. From JFK to 9/11 . It's true there are still people in this world that, like Hitler, have so much hate for Jews and Israel that they honestly believe that Israel is responsible for some of the worst crimes the world has witnessed since WW2. This blame has risen to new heights when some of these anti Semites actually believe Israel supports ISIS!!! Their proof: ISIS has never attacked Israel! Have they ever thought that ISIS are fearful of Israels military power and they know through past experience if you touch just ONE Israeli your life will never be worth living. In short they fear Israel.

I wonder, have they ever asked themselves WHY? Or what is the point? Israel has enough on its hands surviving as tiny as it is surrounded by some of the most powerful Arab countries in the world like Iran and Saudi Arabia with terrorist organisation like Hamas and Al Qaeda who's sole purpose is to 'Wipe Israel Off the Face of the Earth'

EXAMPLE: I have been checking out some of the Facebook's and Blogs owned by these uneducated morons , who have many things in common including hatred and more to the point NONE have EVER actually visited Israel or anywhere in the Middle East, who still believe by spreading hatred towards Israel they just might achieve something. They are still feeling the pain that BDS is now band in most countries, and yet not one of their Blogs have yet to blame Israel for the massacre in Berlin or the shooting of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey. I'm amazed perhaps a few have come to their senses.

Just one example I'd like to share. Jackie posted a video pertaining that The Israeli Prime Mister Netanyahu admitted on camera that the twin towers was actually blown up by a 350 Ton bomb meaning he knew something we didn't! This is a prime example of hate propaganda against Israel. The TRUTH is that he was referring to the weight of the Boeing 767-200ER that flew into the Twin Towers as 395,000 pounds
and this is a prime example is ACTUALLY how these scum spread hatred and blame onto Israel.

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