Friday, 2 December 2016

Celebrity status is something I embraced most of my life. but as most of you know that the world of celebrity has taken a back seat for the time being as I carve out new and exciting targets in life. Never to be board or unchallenged could be my golden rule in life. It's a rule I've followed to the letter, some time pushing to extremes and sometimes going over the edge. I've had amazing support in what ever I do the highs and the very lows. One thing notable throughout my journey through life is the trail of jealous people who follow me as if I'm the Pied Piper and they are the rats. Many have fallen by the wayside as I suppose they too got fed up or simply faded away. But thanks to my good friend Gary, who through the good and bad times has stayed very loyal to me, he has kept me informed of things around me that I don't necessarily know or care about. We chatted last night when he told me that almost EVERY day I'm mentioned in at least three social media outlets. He told me to relax as NO ONE EVERY COMMENTS on their blogs to the point that some copy and paste articles with comments on them making them feel great when they read their stats but like them he said it's artificial. One Boland fan he said begs me to comment on his blog almost daily.

I find it very pleasing that I'm still treated with celebrity status by these people who find time to write about me every day. Why they think I'm important enough to STILL follow not only my every word but as Gary informed me copy and paste things that I write about not only on their blogs etc but find what I'm saying that important that one blogger even pasted my words on someone else's Facebook, now that did make me giggle!

Keep it up my ego needs a boost now and again!

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