Saturday, 10 September 2016

WOW!!! This is video so amazing, my favorite of ALL time (I'm still laughing) :  

Why? Because its a reflection of everyone one of the self acclaimed Israeli haters who like to think themselves experts in the subject (excuse me while I laugh) but haven't a clue what they're are talking about. All they can do is hunt out hate pages and copy and paste them . So here's a simple test for you lot.


Now its your turn (experts) to answer the questions !!!!!
Here are the questions again.

When was Palestine a country?

When did Palestine ever exist?

This idiot was claiming that the Israelis were occupying the land. Question: 'who's land were they occupying?'

As the brain dead idiot ran away when he realized, like most of you, I he could not answer any questions so his only recourse was to use violence as his only answer! . So now it's your turn, can YOU answer the questions?

Here's what always gets me and the weirdest thing of all. You Israeli haters don't seem to understand Palestinians were made up of Jews and Arabs before the state of Israel was founded . So again I ask who are Israel occupying the land of Israel from and as there was NO country there before the State of Israel your answer (which I doubt you can answer) should be interesting. ..

Just before you go have one more look at racist Israel and see how they treat the Arab citizens...I think the word could be 'Respect?'

The Video that Hamas eventually got band was showing Israeli beaches with Arab women swimming in their burkas. Most Beaches in France have band them with other countries following bit NOT Israel the raciest country.

Will you ever learn?

Did you not go red in the face when you recognized YOURSELF in the video...come on, surely you did.

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