Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Last week during a live radio interview I was asked about some of the awards I've picked up over the years which of them t means more to me than all the others. I answered like this: 'Winning awards has always been very gratifying. Which one that adorns my mantelpiece is the one that means most to me? Hard to answer as each one has a special meaning. Back in the early radio days at Onda Cero I was awarded Top Radio Presenter of the Year 1987, that was very special as it was an endorsement of my work. Being awarded Salesperson of The Year last year was also very special as it was my first year in real estate. But the one that stands out most is the Bronze Medal the Red Crosses highest award not only because I was the FIRST English/Irish person to win such an award. It was it was in recognition for my 30 years of Charitable work raising millions for various charity's including Cudeca, Age Concern, Emily Ash Foundation, Red Cross, Children with Cancer UK, Children of Peace etc.
Over the years there have been may more numerous awards which I am internally grateful for.'

The reason I'm posting these is on a light note and not exactly an award but last Friday evening Bromley Estates Marbella held their stunning summer Party. A raffle was drawn and guess what I WON! A free 5 star holiday to London , Milan or Paris, flights, hotels etc all included!!! I couldn't believe it..Nor could my colleagues.

Couldn't have happened to a better block I thought?????

They also noted that my Facebook had over 3,000 followers, that's more than an English radio station has today. Not bad for being 6 years in the radio wilderness. "Will I be back?" they asked.

"If you asked me six years ago would I be in real estate I would have laughed at you. So NEVER SAY NEVER. Meanwhile I'm loving what I'm doing!"

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