Sunday, 4 September 2016

04/09/2018 Mr G 15:51

Afternoon all.

To make the Clown feel good he believes I'm Maurice, so hello from Maurice (sorry Mo but you would look good in a dress).

My Dear Clown

  As Im not back on radio until tomorrow and I have a little time on my hands, not knowing what to do I could think of nothing better than continue to expose you as the liar you are  in away you can't defend.
 So firstly let me give Maurice a laugh by quoting something from one of your idiotic blogs: 'Be a man Maurice not a mouse and make statements in your name as I do!!' Did I read that correct 'use your name as I do??' What the fuck are you talking about  'AS I DO?' One moment you hide behind the name of a circus act, then a Jones and sometime a toad. but never once do you use your real name. So as to make yourself feel better you want to believe Maurice is doing the same. The only part Maurice plays in my posts he edits them (and makes mistakes, but he's the boss)

Next Lie: I asked you to name the supermarket you found unlabeled Israeli avocados. then made them take them off the shelf (I pissed myself when I read that!) So why haven't you named the supermarket? Tut tut a see a red face about to emerge... .

Next lie and here's the real test. You say you have a method of hacking into Maurice's blog and you know exactly what day, time and posting he was reading . I called Maurice today Sunday 4th and asked him to open a page on your blog and record the time. Now being the kind man I am I'm giving you the benefit of doubt, Tell us the TIME and POSTING TODAY he was reading today.

You say that you get comments on your blog. What the fuck are you taking about thy're all from YOU under another of your name TJ. I forgot Lora Luvcero one commented asking who you were and why were you copying and pasting from HER blog. She NEVER commented again. .

You just don't get it. Any story you copy and paste all those who have read it in its original form and in the newspaper, web page or loge etc shows the credit for all no matter how many times its published it has nothing to do with accurate status. Sad sad you are believing. Let me bring into the world of reality and ask yourself  why: .  NEVER HAD A COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG, NOT ONE EXCEPT YOURS. ???  

Since Last January, almost 9 months, and a load of hate against Israel on your Facebook not ONE person has commented an agreement with you. I thought Maurice had your Facebook closed down tut tut sneaky comeback then?  

Now off you run and try to gain a little respectability and answer the questions. . Remember what post and what time did Maurice read you blog?  and  name that supermarket ...Good boy.

Can't wait to read your reply.

Big kiss (now do you know who I am??)

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