Tuesday, 27 September 2016

My dear Jackie Caxxxxx.

I know how truly passionate you are in your support for the Palestinians and your hopes and aspirations for peace between the Israeli's and the Palestinians this we both agree on but honestly my dear before posting what you believe are facts please check them out first.

The other day you reported the Icelandic Capital city Reykjavik voted in favor of banning all Israeli goods to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people. True but almost the very next day this happened and you FAILED to report it and I wonder why?:

              Reykjavík takes back its decision to boycott Israeli goods

The city’s mayor admits that the decision was “poorly prepared.”
Just days after the capital of Iceland declared that it would be boycotting Israeli products, the mayor of Reykjavík, Dagur B. Eggertsson, announced that the city council has withdrawn its decision, Iceland Magazine reports.

Eggertsson explained this withdrawal to the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÙV, saying that it was prepared too hastily:

"Yes, the decision was poorly prepared. In the past I have taken great pride in preparing all big decisions thoroughly. I’ll admit here and now that I am angry with myself for not doing that, and for not having prepared the decision as well as I would have liked to. This was very unfortunate, I made a mistake and apologies unreservedly to Israel and the Israeli people"

He went on to say: "The decision to boycott Israel received immediate backlash from multiple sources, Eggertsson was shocked by the huge response: “I did expect a reaction, but nothing like this.”

Even Iceland’s prime minister had harsh words for Reykjavík’s city council. He called its decision “absurd” and said that it injured the country’s reputation and commercial interests.

So Maybe in future dear Jackie you might show a little intelligence and think before you speak in other words RESEARCH.

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