Thursday, 1 September 2016

How come these refuges don't matter? How come only one country comes to their aid? How come an Israeli solder arresting a Palestinian who tried to murder him is more important to thousands starving to death? Unfortuantly i'll never see this on any of the hate pages and certainly not on the 'Truthers' unless that is they can blame Israel?

Am I the only English speaking ex pat who cares enough to do something about these tragedies? Isn't it time someone else follows my example and help these people. I did it for Somalia, Haiti Earthquake, the Sri Lank Tsunami, Cudeca , the Red Cross etc etc..... Where are you now that these people need your help? Surely it's time YOU did something? These are ALL Arabs surely the oil rich Arab countries should help them? Why is it ONLY Israel that has come to their aid? I can assure you if 12,000 Jews were starving to death The Jews of the world would immediately and without any delay help them. It is so sad these people don't matter.

Stop this hatred and love they fellow man. Here is an example.

Less hate.

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