Friday, 8 January 2016

This man is Richard Seymour. He describes himself as a writer and is an occasional contributor to The Guardian newspaper. A few days ago Falkland’s War veteran Simon Weston attacked Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn for planning (what amounts to ) “surrender” to Argentine demands over the Falkland Islands.

As it happens I agree with Simon Weston; Jeremy Corbyn is very wrong on this subject for reasons that would take me far too long to explain in detail on this ‘forum’. However, Richard Seymour has dismissed Weston’s criticism in a tweet that states: “Seriously, who gives a shit what Simon Weston thinks about anything? If he knew anything, he’d still have his face.” I suppose making light of someone’s facial disfigurement (a result of military service to one’s country) passes for wit and general mirth on “Planet Seymour”.

However, please share this if you think that it is not acceptable to do so in intelligent company and that you think Richard Seymour is a self-righteous, ignorant prick of the highest order.

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