Sunday, 31 January 2016

Here is proof that THE so call humanitarian anti Zionists are nothing more than anti Semites. This kind of slaughter by ISIS goes on daily hundreds of thousands of men women and children are executed simply because they refuse to follow their religion of 'peace Does this remind you of something? Burning Alive? Drowning Alive, Beheading, Stoning, Hanging? Nazi Germany perhaps. and yet some of you sicko thinks its clever to compare it with the Israeli/Palestinian problems. Not even in the ball park.

Here are six easy questions and see if your intelligent enough to answer the question: here are the top 3

America from the native Indians.

North of Ireland by the English

Gibraltar by the English

Or is it only Israel that matters in your Eyes?

Let me give you a new statistic to focus on. Americans slaughtered over 100 million Native Americans

Here's something you should try exposing 11 million Muslim-on-Muslim killings since 1948 (Statistics) (these figures are pre ISIS so the number are rising daily) and what do you morons say. FUCK ALL! Why? because your scared.

Now please watch this video and place it on your Facebook, Blogs and your social media outlets.

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