Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Thanks to my good friend Mr G who checks blogs mostly by conspiracy theorists and reports to me things he feels are worth reporting .

As you know I an a big fan of Prince Charles and made that clear the other day on my Facebook. But no sooner that I did that Frank Usher on his sico blog starts to make out he's a pedophile. and the proof being that he was pictured with Jimmy Savile. Well Frank here are another load of pedophiles, according to you and your sick friends way of thinking, and the 'PROOF' is they were pictured with Jimmy Savile....Shame on them.....

SHIT! in all these years I never thought the Beatles and Stones were pedophiles!! For the record none of the above are pedophiles and its only the very sick who would suggest such a thing simply because they either worked with Savile or was photographed with him.

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