Saturday, 9 January 2016

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I so love this, this really shows up the morons for what they really are SUCKERS!  Easy pray that fall straight into the traps that are set for the weak and obviously stupid, believing every anti Semitic word that's posted.
Lets hope now after they read this that they will understand what the word research means.... but I doubt it. So here goes:

 .The David Attenborough hoax.

This kind of propaganda is pathetic and troublesome.

I found a post on Facebook today that quoted David Attenborough as saying:

I am unaware of any animal that is as cruel as Israelis -- not even crocodiles. They bomb schools, hospitals, refugee camps, orphanages, UN feeding stations, water works, power plants, ambulances, kids playing on the beach. They put millions of people in a siege. They shoot children going to school. They kidnap kids and harvest their organs. They inject prisoners with disease pathogens before releasing them. They murder by land sea and air. And worst of all, they slander their defenseless victims as "terrorists".


The post has been put on Facebook by an entity called Sotirios Sooty Thoupi who is aware that there is something amiss as he states that the post keeps getting blocked but fails to corroborate his claim with a link to any authentic source. Here is the link to the post (which may be blocked), and here is a screen shot of the offending post as I found it:

On further investigation it appears this quote attributed to David Attenborough is entirely fictional.

The source is from this page on Press TV's web site in the comments.

Wait a minute! Did I just see the source was Press TV, you mean the Iranian owned TV station barred from most every country in the world? Now were getting somewhere. You see what a little research does? and it will stop you making a fool of yourselves.

So you see yet again you've walked straight into the well oiled propaganda anti Semitic trap. If you really want to make yourself credible stop printing ridiculous falls statements , as if Sir Richard Attenbouragh would say such a thing, and start working on facts.

And Finally how about this photo, used as a flagship by the anti Israel pro Palestinian Brigade believing this bunch of fruit and nut cases, a tiny crazy sect, have an ounce of influence in Israel or anywhere else. In fact your local boy scout troop has probably more members! They are known as Neturei Kartar and this is the photo they use thinking people will believe them , But the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta are no friend of the Palestinian national struggle
Neturei Karta, a small ultra-Orthodox sect that rejects the existence of a Jewish national movement, is embraced by Palestinians because of its opposition to Zionism. However, its radical approach does not serve Palestinians in their national struggle. quit the opposite , so if you are a Palestinian supporter your barking up the wrong fucking tree with this lot of nutters. This is the Photo they hope you will use..

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