Tuesday, 12 January 2016

David Bowie: Despite Muslim Wife, Never Gave in to Jihad – Played Israel Repeatedly.. He also has a Jewish half brother.

Despite the fact that Bowie was married to Somalian Muslim model, Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid (known simply as “Iman”), for more than two decades (until his death yesterday), Bowie regularly performed in Israel. That includes Bowie’s performances in the mid-1990s at the height of the “First Intifada [Uprising]” by the Palestinians, during which many famous artists stopped going to Israel to do shows, out of fear for their security and also because of Muslim boycotts. David Bowie, in the video below with Hebrew subtitles, gets off the plane in 1996 and smiles, expressing his pride about playing in Israel. When the far-left Israeli press ask him whether he’s afraid to perform there, he talks about how he isn’t afraid and how he nearly lost his foot in Iceland. His coolness comes through in the video. And his commitment to doing the right thing does, too. Despite his many froofy clothes and haircuts and transvestite turns, David Bowie was a man, not a coward. And not politically correct in the face of jihadists. (The video is one of six parts on YouTube which comprise an Israeli documentary about his 1996 performance in Israel, but he appeared onstage in Tel Aviv many times over the years.)

Bowie was one of the earliest non-Jewish/celebrity followers of Kabbalah (Jewish belief), decades before Madonna, and had a Jewish half-brother (the result of his mother’s previous relationship with a Jewish furrier). He also was in a band (“Tin Machine”) with the sons of the late Jewish comedian Soupy Sales.

Bowie and his Muslim wife , Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid (known simply as “Iman”) became great supporters of Israel due to the fact that her father was a Somalian diplomat to Saudi Arabia, and her parents were liberal democrats who wanted Somalia to be modern and liberalized. You’ll note she does not cover her hair and, throughout her modeling career, wore bikinis and barely-there clothing. When more extreme Muslims took over Somalia, her family could not go back, and that’s how they ended up in the West. She told the Guardian that she was teaching her daughter (with Bowie, named Alexandra “Lexi” Zahra Jones) about the Holocaust and having her read Elie Wiesel’s “Night” for Holocaust Remembrance Day. Given all these things, I’m sure she is not well-liked by Muslims. She clearly didn’t do anything to stop her husband, playing in Israel. That counts for a lot.

Now that he's dead it will not be long before the anti Israel brigade start saying Bowie was also anti Israel and pro Palestinian.

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