Thursday, 23 July 2015

Say it like it is Howard, it's 100% true, NO Arab countries want the poor Palestinians, in fact Syria are starving them out.. Have you ever looked at photographs that the world sympathies's with? you know the one of poor Palestinians living in bombed out homes? Have you ever asked yourselves why the fuck don't the wealthy billionaire Arab rulers that spend multi of millions in casinos in London , Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, who children drive cars that cost in the $100,000's send some of that to help rebuild Gaza, better roads, better hospitals better schools? I'll tell you why, they don't give a fuck about Gaza and certainly not Hamas.

I believe, no I hope, with the help Israel have agreed to support Egypt to protect them against ISIS that the rest of the Arab countries that ALL fear ISIS will ask Israel to join in with them to eradicate the vermin and in the long term I believe this will bring ever lasting peace in the Middle East.

The down side is what will the brain dead anti Israeli mob do then????. Think about it you'll have nothing to fucking moan about!!!

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