Wednesday, 8 July 2015

For fuck sake this is all gone to far! Brave Irish-Palestinian thugs attack Irish-dancing children....

What’s wrong? Were there no children with disabilities available to bully? Perhaps a few elderly patients in palliative care? Maybe a shoe-box of cast-away puppies?

As reported in the Irish Independent, the thuggish Red-Green Alliance that is Ireland’s leftist Palestinian supporters succeeded in plucking the lowest of lowest-hanging fruit: they terrorised Irish-dancing children. They did this whilst using Israeli IT, telecommunications, consuming Israeli drugs – and while Palestinian children regularly enjoy the life-saving drugs, treatments and medical devices that Jews invent. But moral coherence is not a Red-Green forte.

An Irish dance festival to take place in Israel has been called off after organisers claimed their young student dancers were threatened by fringe Palestinian solidarity groups in Ireland,” the report goes. Falsely claiming Jerusalem is not Israel’s capital, the report continues: “The ‘1st Tel Aviv feis’ was due to take place in the Israeli capital in August and was being organised by the Carey Academy in Israel, an offshoot of the successful Carey Academy in Birmingham, England.

Anyway. On the 10th anniversary of London’s 7/7 bombings; as Syria approaches a third of a million dead; as Boko Haram and ISIS freely massacre Christian children – Ireland’s psychotic haters of the Jewish state threaten and verbally abuse children from that well-known haven of dangerous extremism, Irish dancing.

(Sidebar: we’re far too young to recall, but did the anti-Apartheid campaigners of the 1980s abuse children in Ireland in this way? Leaving the false and libellous comparison of “Apartheid” aside, why does attacking the sole Jewish state bring out the most bestial in campaigners?)

This is all nonsense. We know the game. The PR mouthpieces for the PLO and Hamas don’t give a fig about children’s welfare. If they did, they would campaign to cut off EU and US funding of the Palestinians’ flagrantly corrupt and human rights-abusing “leaders”; work on stopping Palestinian children being used as human shields; and support genuinely moderate alternatives, of the ilk of Egypt’s Mubarak or Sisi, or Jordan’s Abdullah: imperfect, but easily the best around.

But they don’t. They abuse Irish children in the greater game of destroying the lives of Israeli children – brushing off the consequences to Palestinian children. We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it: welcome to the Twilight Zone of the Red-Green mind, where human rights fall a distant second to Israel-abuse.

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