Thursday, 16 July 2015

Americas deal with Iran has just opened the floodgates on world wide terror. The way Germany has taken control of Europe's finances. Iran will now take control of world terror!!!! What a fucking mistake!!

The last President to tell the World to trust a nuclear non proliferation treaty with a rogue state. Remember what happened with that deal and those promises? President Bill Clinton, Oct. 21, 1994....what a fucking mistake. Iranians now dancing in the streets chanting 'death to America and Israel' burning American flags. This is a huge mistake and will achieve nothing except allow Iran to continue to supply arms to ALL terror organisations and continue to build their nucular weapons. Their human rights behavior has not been mentioned i.e hanging gays publicly, stoning women because THEY have been raped etc etc. This country is a threat to the western world!!! and we have lifted sanctions against this regeam. A stronger Iran will translate into a more robust Hezbollah in Lebanon, Houthi movement in Yemen, and Shi’ite forces in Iraq and Syria, and increasing sectarian strife fueled by Shi’ite minorities or Iranian agents throughout the Arab world. This is a huge fucking mistake.

Terror in the world has taken one giant step forward.

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