Sunday, 19 July 2015

IN 2011 news paper mogul Rupert Murdoch was forced to close down his newspaper The News of The World and sack several senior members off his staff over the disgraceful telephone hacking scandal. Now I think he should do the right thing and step forward and close down his Sun Newspaper after the disgusting headline grabbing stunt showing members of the royal family, including the 7 year old future queen, performing a Nazi salute.

This short film was made in 1933 when the Nazi party had just come to power and not to many people in Europe took them to seriously especially their leader Adolf Hitler who reminded many of Charlie Chaplin. The Nazi salute was mocked everywhere. What the Sun has set out to do is just sheer devilment. But it is the picture of the Hitler salute from the girl at the centre of the frame, seven-year-old Princess Elizabeth, now Her Majesty the Queen, that makes the pictures published yesterday seem so truly shocking. The worldwide attention they have received is understandable. The Sun's attitude I'm sure is 'Publish and be damned!'

The Sun's editor has tried to defend his disgraceful behavior by justifying the photographs saying they were of 'historical interest'. They're NOT!!!

Hugo Vickers wrote: We are being told by some in the media that the publication of private footage taken at Birkhall – not Balmoral as claimed – of Edward, Prince of Wales (later the Duke of Windsor), with the Duchess of York (later Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother), and Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret is in the national interest, that it sets fascism and Nazism and the British reaction to it into historical context..

Well, I have seen all the footage – I suspect this was filmed by the Duke of York (later George VI) – and it was nothing more than a family in private larking about for the camera. What was most interesting to observe was the comfortable relations between the future Edward VIII, his sister-in-law and nieces, which alas did not survive the abdication of 1936.
No one is casting aspersions on the Queen Mother or the children. They would be wise not to do so. Queen Elizabeth was one of the prominent heroines of the Second World War. She had seen the wounded soldiers in the Great War at Glamis; she had also lost her brother Fergus to the Germans in 1915. In fact, she hated the Germans, and if any criticism is due it might be that she went on hating them long after we made friends with them again.

It is, of course, well known that the king and queen stayed resolutely in London during the war when they might have moved to safer locations, that they visited the sites of bombed homes and businesses and that they did not send their children as evacuees to Canada. Queen Elizabeth never wore uniform. She remained a civilian, representing a gentle peace for which the valiant British were fighting. Images of her in her pony carriage with her young daughters cycling behind it stood in stark contrast to the armies of black-booted Nazis stomping about in Germany. Not for nothing is Hitler said to have described her as “the most dangerous woman in Europe”.

The image of Queen Elizabeth as an 18-year-old (pictured) in wartime ambulance service uniform is more reflective of her reputation than that of her giving a Nazi salute as a child

For three-quarters of a century, Elizabeth II has been an embodiment of the respect, duty and determination that helped this country through the dark decades of the 1930s and 40s.
Her reputation, already extraordinary, can surely not be tainted by an 80-year-old picture taken when she was a child.
Other, more appropriate, photographs come to mind: the famous portrait of her as an 18-year-old in the uniform of the wartime ambulance service – hard working, utterly dedicated. It is in its own way iconic.
Then there is the recent picture of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, heads bowed, on a pilgrimage to the former Nazi concentration camp at Belsen, an important counterpoint.

The Neo Nazis parties will love this short film and will see it as Queen Elizabeth some how endorsing the Nazi Party .

So come on Mr Murdoch come forward , admit your newspaper was terribly wrong and shut the rag down!!!

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