Saturday, 29 November 2014

Well, well well how do you lot of Israeli critics who spend your time knocking Israel handle this headline?...I suppose with silence as usual


This photograph shows the Egyptian army destroying 800 Palestinian homes

This report more or less hammers home my earlier posting that If, as the story goes, anti-Zionists are not anti-Semites and are only critical of the Israeli government, where is your outrage over Egypt’s expulsion of Gazans and destruction of their homes? So far, no foaming at the mouth from the same people who shed tears over the deaths of Palestinian terrorists. No condemnations, criticisms, UN investigations, emergency meetings of world leaders, speeches or statements of “concern” from Obama, Kerry or Psaki, no sad photos with pitiful looking children from major media outlets in the West. Granted, the BBC did cover the story, but the tone is far different than it would have been had the culprit been Israel, and the language more forgiving as it explains why Egypt needs a buffer zone from Hamas.

The New York Times demonstrated some sympathy to the Gazans, but not to the same degree as usual. In the very first sentence, an explanation is provided as to why people are being displaced with Egypt’s “…panicked effort to establish a buffer zone that officials hope will stop the influx of militants and weapons across the frontier.”

The BBC also has another article entitled, “Egypt ‘plans buffer’ in Sinai against Gaza smugglers,” pointing the finger at the smugglers right in the title, with the article providing the background of the 30 Egyptian soldiers recently killed and the numerous smuggling tunnels found. There are even some headlines expressing concern over Egyptian soldiers who were hurt due to explosives going off in the Gaza-Sinai buffer zone.

The world does not make a fuss over Palestinians dying in Syria either: Palestinian Death Toll in Syria Provokes- Nothing. Sure, Gazans are upset, but world outrage only comes when the Arab terrorists fighting against Israel and their own people they use as human shields are killed in the process of Israel defending itself, as any other nation would. Funny how that works.

This is the damage carried out by the Egyptian army in Gaza

More on the Egyptian demolition of homes on the Gazan side of the border:

Arutz Sheva:

The Egyptian army continues expelling Arab residents and detonating buildings in its destruction of the Gazan side of the Egyptian border as the world is notably silent, even as Egypt reveals it will not refrain from taking action against Muslim clerics as well.

The Egyptian Waqf (Islamic trust) announced it will dismiss and expel Muslim clerics if smuggling tunnels are found below the mosques in which they serve, reports the Egyptian news agency Aswat Masriya…

In short the Arabs hate the Palestinians a lot more than Israel who continue to deliver tons of food, medical and building supplies even after Hamas admitted concrete that was to be used to build new Palestinian homes was stolen to build their murderess tunnels.

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