Sunday, 2 November 2014


Over the years I have ALWAYS supported Victoria Beckham. I've always said she was a genius in business well before her latest successes.

I was so correct and hope those, the usual knockers, build them up then knock them down, can now eat humble pie...What a pack of morons they must now realize they are!!! Oh whilst am at it 'The one who couldn't sing' earned over a million in Spice Girl royalties without having to sing a note. Not bad eh???? so now read on.......

he was the Spice Girl who just ‘couldn’t sing’, but in her new career as a fashion designer, it seems that Victoria Beckham can do no wrong.
Just last week she was named Britain’s top entrepreneur for building a business empire expanding so fast that it is eclipsing her footballing husband.
And the cash has followed fast. The Beckham family fortune is put at £210 million – with Victoria responsible for £100 million of that. And some analysts conclude that she is out-earning David, particularly now that his playing days are over.
It is a fitting reward for the hard work that has seen the annual turnover of her company, Victora Beckham Ltd, grow from a modest £1 million to £30 million in less than a decade. It has jumped from employing three people to a hundred.
Figures are projected to soar following the recent opening of her retail store in Mayfair. Another outlet is planned for New York next year.

Well done Victoria Beckham. I know how she felt when it seemed the world was against her, she simply picked herself up and moved on. Something as most of you know I have done myself and left the knockers at home continuing trying to drag me down to their level, how they have failed. Whilst I'm at it I set a challenge a few months ago when I was accused of accepting payments for my charity events appearances. The challenge was to a Morris (sure he's another coward who hides behind his real name as do the other losers) that I would pay 1,000 Euro to any charity THEY chose if they can prove I ever charged an a appearance fee to a charity...and guess what???? They all of a sudden fell silent. My offer still stands ... But I wont hold my breath. By the way I will be on stage on the 16th of this month in aid of Cudeca. Come and say hello!

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