Sunday, 2 November 2014

Just imagine this. Your wife and children are out for a Sunday drive when their car is surrounded by a bunch of thugs who start throwing rocks at car causing it to crash killing your wife and seriously injuring your children. What would you expect the police to do about it. Well Israel has the solution.....

The Israeli government approved an amendment to the criminal law on Sunday that would increase penalties for people who throw rocks at vehicles.

The government was seeking to curb the problem that has especially plagued Jerusalem over the past few months. Rioters in east Jerusalem have targeted the Jerusalem Light Rail as well as buses and private vehicles.

The changes to the law provide for up to 20 years in prison for an individual who throws a rock or other projectiles at a vehicle.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that stricter laws would be passed to return quiet and security to all parts of Jerusalem.

"Israel is acting firmly against terrorists, rock-throwers, against firebomb throwers and against those who use fire fireworks," the prime minister said at the weekly cabinet meeting.

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