Sunday, 2 November 2014


At last a report that proves what cheats and lier's Hamas are. It was proved last week that they killed the two Palestinian children on the beach then blamed Israel helping Hamas gain worldwide support. It was also reported that many of their rockets didn't actually reach Israel but went astray killing many of their own people,This is quite normal for theses Islamic terror organisations, we read daily about mass executions, beheadings etc so why should we be surprised that Hamas kill innocent Palestinians, it would mean nothing to them. It now begs us to ask the question, exactly how many Palestinians did in fact die during the war and now knowing what we know who was responsible.

So now read the report and read how Hamas's leaser Khaled Meshaal has pilfered billions in taxis to line his own pockets. But why should we be surprised Hamas are no different to ISIS, Al Qaeda etc. Remember the billions found in Yassa Arafat's, the last leader of the Palestinians, Paris bank account that he also stole from aid money....

today's released report...

In the Sunday Times today, there was an article by Michael Burleigh, entitled 'A Qatari assist puts Islamists ahead in the terror tournament'. Look further, good people, as he tells us of the Protocols of the Elders of Qatar. One of whose favoured residents is one Khaled Meshaal. Some of you may have heard of him - he is the Head of Hamas for those who have not - and is reputed to have a personal fortune of £1.6 BILLION, extracted by taxing the goods entering Gaza through the tunnels ......

PLEASE spread this article as far as you can ....…/Camill…/article1478324.ece

Jewish anti-war protesters in Tel Aviv hold a rally against Israeli war on Gaza.

Changing subject: As we know their has been many protests in Israel and around the world AGAINST the war in Gaza by Jews. Here's an interesting question; Have you EVER seen a protest by Muslims against the atrocities world wide carried out in their name? The Times asks; Why Don’t More Muslims Denounce Their Co-Religionists’ Barbarism?

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