Saturday, 3 June 2017

Today is my Birthday. Hundreds of messages poured in all day, almost 300 on Facebook plus another 100 on messenger and 50 emails!!

My favorite message came in this afternoon

Happy Burthday Maurice, hope it's a great day.
Although we've not met in person you have always been an inspiration to me, never selling out, saying exactly what you think, always true to your beliefs and principles and overcoming adversity whenever it rears its ugly head. You've had an incredible life dedicating it in the main to bringing pleasure to the masses. I have nothing but respect for you and your family so my best wishes extend to them all. Take good care of you and yours and I wish you all many happy years to come.

Kind regards

Alan Cross

Although I've never met Alan I'd like extend a huge thank you to him and the hundreds who sent me good wishes for my Birthday.

Although I received some wonderful presents the best was a party my stunning wife arranged this evening surrounded by my children and grandchildren. Although Alekzander and Ryan couldn't be here as they are in Bulgaria it didn't stop sending birthday messages by internet link.

Being Friday it was a normal working day and I was out touring with clients but I did have time to pop into the office to be greeted by the Bromley Estates Choirs rendition of Happy Birthday and was presented with a hillarouse card with my photo on it signed by all the staff.

So what a wonderful day. The quote of the day came from my eldest son Nicholas who rang me early this morning wishing me a Happy Birthday. I explained that it I wasn't to happy to be 67 he replied ' No, dad, you should be happy you made it this far!!!' ..... Charming !!!

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