Sunday, 11 June 2017

Again time to expose those who hate Israel. Message for you, Lara Lucero and your band of idiotic followers.
Bad news for you: You are now the last blog of Israeli haters I have kept!!! like it or not.

Did you know Israel saves more Palestinian lives than any other country in the world. You continue to bang on about Israeli genocide, if this is so please inform me: where, when?

I hate giving you any publicity, after all that is all you are, a publicity seeking opportunist hoping one day to be recognized as the Mother Teresa of Gaza.

To prove me wrong lets see if you have the moral commitment to run today's headlines.

Israel treats 250,000 Palestinians free of charge in their hospitals ! Find that hard to swallow Ms Lucero?

The daughter of Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas's leader in Gaza, has undergone treatment at an Israeli hospital! Find that humiliating then Ms Lucero? couldn't bring yourself to mention that could you.

Lets try today's headline....



A Palestinian official, in his 40s, was diagnosed several months ago with a cancerous tumor and was referred to Haifa's Rambam Medical Center for further investigation and treatment.

Now this must be very upsetting.

Every year, some 1,200 Palestinian children and adults living in the Palestinian Authority and Gaza receive medical care at Rambam.

During his stay in the ward, he often encountered Palestinian patients and began to show interest in the unique needs of hospitalized children. As his condition improved, he decided to give Rambam a financial contribution to improve the conditions of the treatment of all children undergoing radiation treatment there.

“Palestinian, Israeli, Syrian and other children are treated there for serious illnesses and need all the help they can get. Both Israeli and Palestinian societies suffer from the damage of violence. I want a world in which we can all contribute to peace and health, take care of children, save lives, share knowledge and even train Palestinian doctors at Rambam.

Do you not Hamas, who you call your friends, are an Islamic Terror organisation the same as ISIS, the same as those that carried out the slaughter in Manchester, London, Paris, Belgium, Nice etc.How hard is that to get into your head? Surly you cant hate Israelis that much that it blinds you with hatred?

Why not try posting this article instead of the bullshit you print. Rather than trying to stir up hatred why not try a little love???

Try understanding these words from one of the worlds greatest stateswomen:

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