Friday, 23 June 2017

Marbella's investment growth is unprecedented anywhere in Europe with billions of dollars pouring into the leisure industry, hotels, golf etc. Marbella one of the safest places in Europe has been delighted to announce the latest investments onto its gold coast.

W hotel chain to open a multi million dollar luxury resort on the beach in Marbella

On Thursday, the W chain signed an agreement with the Platinum Estates investment group, which is developing a project in the area of the sand dunes at Real de Zaragoza, to manage the hotel, which is expected to open in 2021.

There had been rumours that the investment group, based in Singapore, and the hotel chain, one of the most important in the world’s luxury sector, were planning to join forces on an important project, but due to a confidentiality clause, neither party to the agreement wanted to give any details until the deal was signed and the official announcement was made in Hong Kong.

" We chose Marbella above all else on offer because of the climate, the miles of sandy beaches and the safety factor all became an important reason we made the choice" said the chairman of Starwood-Marriott conglomerate, the two giants of the American hotel industry

At present the W chain has just one hotel in Spain, the famous ‘candle hotel’ in Barcelona port, and according to its website it will be opening another of the same group in Madrid in June 2019. The new luxury hotel in Marbella will therefore be the chain’s third in this country.

The world famous Nobu Hotel part owned by actor Robert de Niro set to open inside Marbella's Puente Romano in 2018

It will initially have 49 suites for adults between 45 and 120 metres square, with plans to grow to 81 suites in 2019

Hot on the heels of the opening of Japanese restaurant Nobu in Marbella’s Puente Romano Hotel last week, bosses have been explaining their plans to open a Nobu hotel there next year.
The exclusive restaurants of Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa are well-known for their innovative, minimalist cuisine. Since 2013 Nobu has opened a series of boutique hotels to complement its brand in partnership with Hollywood actor Robert de Niro.
The 5 star Byblos Hotel to reopen with 100 new rooms (this hotel was bought by Amstrad billionaire Sir Allan Sugar)

Mahiki Beach

The number one celebrity destination in London has arrived to Marbella.

Sala Group is proud to open the of the first Mahiki in Spain this May 2017 in Marbella. The beautiful Polynesian and Tiki themed venue that first opened on Dover Street in 2005 quickly became well known for its celebrity clientele. Since then it has grown to become one of the world’s most famous night spots as well as an institution, with an array of fabulous awards behind it. Mahiki prides itself on its fun atmosphere and the creative detail that goes into every drink, dance and dish that we serve.
Mahiki has attracted media attention as a favourite haunt of royals including Princes William and Harry as well as Kate Middleton and celebrities such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian and other A list celebrities. It is often referred to in the press as London’s most popular venue. In December 2011, Mahiki Dubai opened its doors in the world famous sprawling beachfront Jumeirah Beach Hotel and now this May 2017, Sala Group is proud to open the first Mahiki venue in Spain in a stunning beachfront location in Marbella.
Mahiki is the ultimate beach destination. With its Tiki décor, delicious fresh fruit cocktails and tropical flowers adorning every Honolulu Honey’s hair, your Mahiki Beach experience is set to be unique in every aspect. The menu features a mixture of original Spanish cuisine, expected to be found in a quality Spanish Chiringuito, along with some La Sala’s Signature dishes and the tropical grill menu of Mahiki.

the Real Estate factor is booming!!! Bromley Estates has now got 6 development which we exclusively manage with investments of over 300 million Euro!!!!

Bromley, the largest employer in Marbella's real estate sector announcing record financial results month on month. Maurice Boland has added to his list of awards by winning the award for the most complementary comments on Bromley Estates Facebook .

Holiday rents in Marbella exceed 1,500 Euros per week this summer!!!!

Some of the biggest stars in the world play Marbella this summer , with Sting, Sir Elton John, Anastacia, Art Garfunkel, the Pretenders to name but a few..


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