Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sir Cliff Richard: Conspiracy theorists have been left reeling as they continue to be made eat their words as yet another accuser has been arrested 'over a plot to blackmail Cliff Richard.'

Its no wonder that the case against Sir Cliff has been dropped due 'insufficient evidence' when you see who the first two accusers are
1. Was a convicted rapist Is one of Britain's most notorious sex offenders'

2. Another one of Sir Cliff's accusers saw police raid the star's home then contacted his aides threatening to spread false stories unless he was paid! However he was later interviewed by a second police force - which took his abuse claims against Sir Cliff seriously. The police have now apologized to Sir Cliff.

Now ask yourself. Would you trust these men's statements? No, of course not! That is why, after investigating the rest of these money grabbing opportunist the case against Sir Cliff HAS BEEN DROPPED
The sad thing is that its killing the conspiracy theorists who are desperately posting their laughable evidence that Sir Cliff is guilty. How sad are these poor suckers????

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