Thursday, 16 June 2016

I can't tell how happy I am that Sir Cliff Richard has been found NOT guilty of ANY crime.
Sir Cliff Richard claimed today that he was ‘hung out like live bait’ after being named by police as a suspect before he had even been interviewed over allegations of historical child sexual abuse.
Meanwhile the police force apologised 'wholeheartedly for the additional anxiety caused by our initial handling of the media interest', adding that the case has cost about £800,000 after it investigated nine allegations against him.

Sir Cliff said today: 'After almost two years under police investigation I learnt today that they have finally closed their inquiries. I have always maintained my innocence, co-operated fully with the investigation, and cannot understand why it has taken so long to get to this point.

I've met and interviewed Sir Cliff on a number of occasions. I've always found him polite, charming and was impeccable mannered. There was nothing I can say bad about him and that is how the world saw him the 'Perfect' young man. But, wait a minute did I say 'Perfect???' Impossible! I hear you scream , no one is perfect. So lets make up some stuff about , ah yes, he's gay. Gay? why? Well he's not married and, and he's a millionaire to top it all he's amazing looking anf pop star. Yes, he must be gay. Really? and the proof being?

In the 50 years Cliff was in the public eye not one, no not one boy, man etc has EVER come forward and claimed he's slept with cliff. Look I have a cousin, an airline pilot he's 68 years old, rich and good looking, he's never married ever dated a girl or boy I think they call it A sexual

These historical sex claims on Cliff are nothing more than a bunch of vultures capitalizing on the Jimmy Savill exploits hoping to make some money out of Sir Cliff. If there was someone truly out there who could tell 'The' story how he'd slept with Cliff Richard the tabloids would have paid millions for the story long before all the historical sex witch hunt.

Now what about all the scumbag Bloggers out there, and boy there were hundreds of them, that had PROOF that Cliff Richard was a pedophile, this PROOF even included videos evidence showing without doubt that Sir Cliff was guilty of sex crimes. and the sources were, the London Time, The Guardian etc? No the only proof that they could sleep happy on ALL came from conspiracy theorists websites. Will you see a headline on these low life Blogs that reads: Terrible Mistake Sir Cliff Richard is NOT a Pedophile We are So Sorry.. You must be fucking joking. These type of fairy tale tellers and their brain dead followers only believe in misery. That was Sir Cliff's greatest crime was that he was much to happy for you lot of losers. Come on, as soon as they see the chance to down someone and boy don't I personally know it, they will try to destroy them. So what about those who have now been found NOT guilty of any crimes, Jimmy Tarbuck, Jim Davidson , Freddy Star, Neil Fox, Paul Gambaccini etc Will we see an apology? You must be joking. !

Bit of a reversal roll? ; How happy Cliff Richard must be this evening and how miserable you lot that got all so, so wrong must feel.

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