Wednesday, 1 June 2016


I was just sent this video from a German who reminded me that he always drove us around when we visited Germany. I remember this show as if it was yesterday. The host Thomas Gottschalk, who was and probably still is Germany's biggest and most famous TV star. The show was "Na sowas!" The year was 1986. Mandy was huge in Germany as it was the first European country I attacked into making her a world wide star and her records where flying up the charts. . As most of her fans know, Mandy did become famous world wide including America when I negotiated a deal for a four page spread in Vanity Fair.

After this show I ended up at a wonderful party thrown by Chris de Burgh at his hotel. Mandy decided to go off to bed as she was tired after a long day of photos, autograph signing in record stores and the TV show in Germany. I was ready to party

After flying back to UK Mandy was invited to be photographed by the world famous photographer Bob Carlos Clark, out of this photo shoot came my favorite photograph of Mandy. Like the video above she was dressed by the amazing Vivian Westwood, who herself went on to become a world famous designer.

Are time together was so intense it was bound to end in unhappiness and it did . We finally broke up.

I went onto launch my on radio Show and TV shows etc in the early '90s. I had a booking agent in London who handled all my UK guests for my weekly TV shows and was surprised when he called to tell me my guest list for the following week, included was Mandy Smith! I was so excited but very apprehensive as are break up wasn't what I would describe as friendly and as we hadn't seen or spoken to each other for years. But that was soon forgotten when she flew in we just hugged and laughed, we were both happy to see each other again, in fact so important did Hello! Magazine feel this meeting up again with myself and Mandy they did a 4 page spread......

We didn't see much of each other after that until I launched Hi! Magazine in Manchester her stunning sister Nicola became my UK PA and handled the amazing launch party for the magazine in one of Manchester celebrity hangouts and who should turn up but Mandy, She looked amazing. We sat and spoke for most of the evening and I ended up giving her a job writing my beauty page. We both were staying in the same hotel.
One of the celebrity guest who turned up was David Beckham and here we are looking like twins joint at the hip. OK! OK!! if your confused that's me on the right....

We haven't spoke now for a few years but Mandy will always have a special part in my memories of years gone by...

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