Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Really bad news day for the Israel hate mob (better known as anti Semites hiding behind the name anti Zionists) You better find some other peoples to hate as the news to today will upset you beyond anything you've read since Sir Cliff Richards has been cleared of all charges and your idol George Galloway has LOST the case which he tried claims his ex aid used dirty tricks against him. Galloway has accepted the verdict and now will pay all legal costs (hahaha) . What a bunch of losers you are. Little tip STOP READING AND BELIEVING CONSPIRACY THEORISTS WEBSITES.

Israel is planning to build a $5billion ARTIFICIAL ISLAND with a port and an airport off the coast of Gaza to reconnect Palestinians with the rest of the world

So far advanced are the plans that they have now got to the planning stage.

A $5billion island could be constructed by Israel to connect Gaza with the rest of the world.
The Israeli government's security cabinet is debating the proposal which is backed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The island would be linked to Gaza by a three mile bridge and could provide an airport and sea port.

Ysrael Katz, a top deputy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said Israel had no objection to easing the Gaza blockade as long as its security needs are met. (Hamas must stop bombing Israel and building tunnels into Israel) Israel would supervise security checks but the island would otherwise be run by Palestinians and the international community.
'I do not think it is right to lock up two million people without any connection to the world,' he said.
'Israel has no interest to make life harder for the population there. But because of security concerns we can't build an airport or seaport in Gaza.'

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