Saturday, 31 October 2015

Well Well Lora Lucero has collapsed under my cross examination and has decided to run and hide. Fakes I hate them!!!!

The debate that made her run for cover 

It started off with this picture and headline: Hospital refuses Israeli demand for Palestinian medical records

I followed with this report:

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Hanieyeh’s brother-in-law was rushed to a hospital in Peta Tikvah, in Israel for urgent heart treatment four months ago, reported Ynet News website on Wednesday.

Suhila Abed el-Salam Ahmed Haniyeh’s husband suffered a serious cardiac episode, which could not be treated at any Gaza hospital. The couple had the option of going to a more advanced medical center in Egypt but chose to go to the Israeli hospital instead.

and this report.

Palestinian president Abbas’s brother-in-law gets life-saving heart surgery in IsraelAmid surge in violence, and despite PM accusing Abbas of lies and incitement, PA president’s relative admitted for treatment at private clinic in Tel Aviv

Maurice Boland: Try balance your posts Lora and stop being so full of hate!

Maurice Boland Last year 180,000 Palestinian citizens entered Israel to receive FREE medical and hospital treatment. 3,000 were emergency patients

Maurice Boland: So no one gets sick in Gaza, all hospitals destroyed by Israel. You a sad lot. A few facts for you : There are 10 major hospitals in Gaza one was damaged by last years war. Israeli surgeons are highly trained and treat Palestinians free of charge. Why

Lora Lucero Israel --- as the occupying power --- has a legal responsibility to provide medical supplies and medical care to the people it occupies --- under international law. THIS IS BULLSHIT

Maurice Boland Rubbish. They don't occupy Gaza. 1.6 million Arabs live in Israel and they also get free medical care. Now have you watched the video yet.

Maurice Boland Please Lora get your facts right and stop lying: Article 23 of the Fourth Geneva Convention permits states like Israel to cut off fuel supplies and electricity to territories like Gaza. It only requires Israel to permit passage of food, clothing, and medicines intended for children under fifteen, expectant mothers, and maternity cases. Moreover, Israel would be under no obligation to provide anything itself , just not to interfere with such consignments sent by others. Article 70 of the First Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 1977 creates a slightly broader duty regarding the provision of essential supplies, but it does not list fuel and electricity as items for which passage must be permitted.

Maurice Boland You never seem to be interested in Egypt's role in locking the Gazians into Gaza and destroying their homes. Is it as I suspect if Israel is not involved you couldn't care what anyone else does to the Palestinians even those causing such suffering in Gaza .. For instance, no one has ever argued that Egypt has legal duties to supply goods to Gaza due to its former military occupation of the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, control of airspace does not create a legal duty to supply goods either.

Maurice Boland One shameful point for you to remember: Israel delivered tons of concrete into Gaza intended for rebuilding war damaged building but Hamas would have none of it. They hijacked the much needed supplies to build their murderess tunnels.

Lora is now getting out of her depth and preparing to run for cover.....

Lora Lucero ok clearly are full of it. And I don't appreciate you spamming my FB page. If you disagree with me, that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own dreams. But I find your tone offensive, Legally.....and in practical terms .... Israel oc...See More

Maurice Boland Israel occupies Gaza. Explain
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Maurice Boland Lora don't get me wrong, I'm delighted your in or shortly arriving in Gaza . The poor Palestinians need all the support they can get. Life under Hamas is like living in hell. Perhaps your influence can help in a small way to influence Hamas to STOP firing rockets daily into Israel therefor getting the response they need by Israel attacking then Hamas gaining world sympathy by playing the poor underdogs card!!! ..

And she ran for cover as predicted. By By Lora ... what a coward.

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