Sunday, 11 October 2015

Innocent protesters who took to the streets of the capital Istanbul, in a defiant gesture against the deadliest terror attack in the country's history yesterday.
At least 97 died and 247 were wounded when two suspected suicide bombers set off two explosions during a peace rally of pro-Kurdish activists in Ankara.
Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said ISIS terrorists or far-left Kurdish extremists could have carried out the attack but no group has yet claimed responsibility for it.

I'm fucking amazed ! Not one of you pack of so called humanitarians have posted your horror or disapproval of what happened in Turkey yesterday spending to much time hating Israel posting about the escalating violence which is totally down to Hamas brain washed Palestinians. Does the death of almost a hundred innocent people on a march for peace not at the least touch you or is your hatred for Israel so great that nothing or no man woman or child's slaughter matter unless you can blame Israel??? You lot make me fucking sick!

Perhaps the photograph above hasn't moved you enough to show your disgust but this photo just might of the dozens of bodies covered bodies shortly after the explosion. This is exactly what used to happen in Israel before they built the security wall which as stopped over 97% of terror attacks and you 'Humanitarians' have the gall to CONDEMN Israel for protecting themselves .!!!!

Just in case you have conveniently forgotten what Israel was like before the security wall have a look.

A Palestinian terrorisrt entered the Sbarro pizzaria surveyed dozens of Men, women, children and babies. Satisfied with the numbers, he detonated his bomb.
15 died in the Sbarro massacre that day, among them eight children; 130 people were injured many young teenagers loosing limbs, some will never walk again, some are left blind! .

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