Saturday, 31 October 2015

late last night I had an extraordinary debate with a woman named Lora Lucero who claims she's an anti Zionist or as I put it an Israeli hater or worse. Anyway everybody is has their on opinion and we should be allowed to express them that is if you don't live in the Middle eastern Islamic controlled counties or Gaza etc.

Ir started off when she posted this video

she commented on the above videon

Lora Lucero: You know...I watch videos like this and I'm more worried about my friends in the West Bank who are traumatized by the Israeli military than I'm concerned about traveling across the northern Sinai

Maurice Boland: So you were there then ?

Lora Lucero: I'm in Cairo trying to cross the northern Sinai into Gaza.

Maurice Boland Watch this video all the way through and you'll see a Palestinian disguised as a pressman wearing a yellow press vest stabbing an Israeli solder.

Maurice Boland: So you weren't there? So all your going on is the anti Israeli press reports. This is exactly how hatred is spread! Be sure of your facts and stop posting propaganda!

Maurice Boland: Want to write honest reports, the true facts about Gaza and Israel? Well listen to this then

Then Lucero followed the is video with to ludicrous excuses , which is the norm by this lot....

Lora Lucero: I'm afraid my wifi connection in Cairo is too slow to watch this video. Will see if the wifi is better in the morning.
Hmmmm a little porky there , how could you watch YOUR video but somehow lose your connection when it comes to anything positive about Israel. Getting the picture folks?

It gets funnier: Lora Lucero UN Watch group is bogus )Note: what an idea she is going to feel after she watches this video filmed in the UN assembly(

Maurice Boland Start spread peace not hatred ... Try this Children for peace . Israeli and Palestinian children together for peace.

Lora Lucero The video I posted above speaks for itself. You might not like it but that doesn't make it propaganda.
But I thought you had no WIFI connection.

Seeing she wanted to go back to the original video of Israeli solders arresting a pressman and sidestepping the question I asked earlier 'so you were there them''

So I asked this in reference to the video: Maurice Boland So what did the pressman do to deserve this?

Lora Lucero Maurice --- you can share your stories about peaceful coexistence. I will post the reality of the occupation.

This woman is really starting to annoy me. Why is she avoiding my question 'WHY ARE THE ISRAELI ARRESTING THIS PRESSMAN? Fucking straight forward question?

Lora Lucero When Israel ends the occupation, I will post videos of peaceful coexistence. Am I missing something here. What the fuck has that got to do with the video she posted ?

Now shes really getting on my nerves!!!!

Maurice Boland Answer my question. What did the pressman do to deserve this

Lora Lucero What did the Israeli military do to provoke this?

Maurice Boland: You should fucking know you were the one who ran this report blaming the IDF!

Maurice Boland One things for sure. You can not answer my question. Stop side stepping and answer the question

Lora Lucero One things for sure. You can not answer my question. Stop side stepping and answer the question. Is this woman totally bonkers she's now answering a question with a question (old trick when your stuck)

Maurice Boland Palestinians and Israelis want peace. This will never happen with Hamas in charge next ISIS will be in Gaza. And yes I'm dyslectic but I'm not a Pearson who makes up stories without knowing the facts

Maurice Boland You've shown your true colors by not answering a simple question. Your hatred of Israel is far greater than you love of the Palestinians

Maurice Boland Now stop trying to be an armchair hero and do something positive. Go work as a fund raiser for the Israeli/Palestinian orchaster or the Palastinian/ Israeli children's soccer team instead of posting propaganda of hate. Good night Lora go do something positive

Now this is where Lucero shown she doesn't know her history . It was Arafat and his PLO terrorists who rejected peace..What an uneducated Idiot she is!!!

Lora Lucero Israel didn't want peace in 1967 when Palestinian leaders and the King of Jordan brought them a proposal for peace.

Israel didn't want peace when PLO and Arafat were in power before Hamas.

Israel didn't want peace when PA came into power with Oslo.

Israel has had many chances for peace. Using Hamas as the boogie man is simply the latest excuse to delay.

When I haVe a moment I will send this lady a history of war in Israel.

Now she starts to run for cover still not answering my simple question. 'Why was the pressman arrested?'

Lora Lucero Maurice - go hide your head in the sand. It's more comfortable not knowing about the atrocities Israel is committing.

Maurice Boland: Do you only care for Palestinians when Israel is involved or do the 25,000 Palestinians being starved by the Syrians in Yarmouk matter. The destroying of hundreds of homes on the boarder of Egypt and Gaza by the Egyptians to keep the Palestinian buffer zone wider. Isn't worth a mention then? The Egyptians keeping the boarder closed from Gaza not allowing anyone out or in yet 250 tons of food etc goes across the Israeli, Gaza boarder every week.. Not worth a mention then Lora

She now goes on the old predictable tactic of making excuses by showing that I'm trying to move the focus away from Israel. So fucking predictable...
Lora Lucero Maurice --- you are using a well worn debate strategy --- deflect criticism away from Israel by blaming Syria, blaming Egypt, blaming anyone else.

Oh please. This is getting old

Maurice Boland And the atrocities committed by Hamas against the Palestinians. Lora instead of watching the Disney Channel watch the video I posted earlier and hear what Col Richard Kemp has to say. And learn the truth, that is unless you believe he's a Hollywood actor.

This is where she now comes clean and admits she has connections with the terrorist organisations!
Lora Lucero I promise I will watch the video when I have good wifi. I will judge Col Richard Kemp after I have watched it. But I lived in Gaza for 9 months and I know members of Hamas. So I will be able to judge the veracity of the video.

Maurice Boland So I'm directing criticism away from Israel? I see So this is why YOU ignore any atrocity agains the Palestinians because if Israel isn't involved your not interested. Have a few friends in Hamas, any in ISIS or Al Qaeda or perhaps Hezbollah then?

Maurice Boland So what are you going to do in Gaza to help bring about peace? Or are you going to continue to keep spreading propaganda like you've just done without knowing the facts. You really blew your credibility this evening. You should at least tried to answer the question that started this debate.

So she finishes off refusing to answer the question by trying to insult me. I hope this pathetic excuse for a peace activist has no followers and if she has I hope when they read this they will realize exactly her worth....Zero

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