Saturday, 10 October 2015


This will so discredit the likes of George Galloway, Israeli hater Lora A. Lucero and her buddies who have continued their campaign of hate against Israel based mainly on last years conflict against Hamas were it was reported thousands of Palestinians were killed (or murdered as the tabloid press liked to report) and yet only few killed in Israel . So now it's time to sit back and learn THE TRUTH as a none Jewish British Col. Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, addresses UN debate on the Gaza Inquiry report. Col. Kemp's visit was hosted by UN Watch & NGO Monitor. He spoke on behalf of Amuta for NGO Responsibility....I have been saying what Col Kemp has just said for the past 12 months and been ignored. You, Lora Lucero and your sidekicks have for to long continued your campaign of hate against Israel blaming them, without question, for death of over 1,000 Palestinians including women and children during the last 2014 conflict. What have you got to say now, now the truth has been published at last? You and your followers have never understood terror organisations PR tactics. You are consumed with so much hate towards Israel that you swallow all that is published without question including Hamas showing pictures of dead Palestinian children that THEY have slaughtered to gain world sympathy and promote hatred towards Israel, In fact some of the photographs of dead children being carried by their weeping fathers were taken in Syria! You never apologize for showing the same photos on your blogs of hatred which in turn promotes hatred against Israel and consequently violence both verbally and physically against Jews around the world . ...

So it will be interesting what the world thinks when they hear what Col. Kemp has to say. Unlike all you armchair so called humanitarians he was THERE he was an observer to the atrocities carried out by Hamas against their own people so they could gain favor from the ignorant . Well now at last the truth has come out. I'll watch your blogs with interest when you try to either discredit Col. Kemp or as I imagine ignore him, using the age long excuse that he's some kind of undercover agent working for Israel, a normal get out clause. After all don't you blame Israel for everything including ISIS, 9/11 and a traffic jams on 5th Avenue?


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