Thursday, 9 April 2015

Time and time again I've said right here and I'll say it again. 'Does no one care about the atrocities carried out world wide by the rule of terror?' Last week for an example 150 Kenyans were massacred in a university, young students going about their everyday not a terrorist among them yet they were savagely gunned down. I posted this atrocity on my blog and Facebook but yet not ONE of those whom continue to be outspoken against Israel on your Facebook's or Blogs etc even cared to give it a mention. Why do you think this is? Most of these social media websites continue to dig up an obscure websites they can find that make up total rubbish against Israel. I've often said a traffic light has gone faulty in Marbella causing long tailbacks. It's Israels fault I jest! Sounds ridicules when you read it, but you have know idea some of the rubbish that these morons try to blame Israel for including any plane crash that might happen, i.e last weeks tragedy when the German Airline crashed and killed all aboard. Within days the anti Semitic mob where screaming "Israel did it!" Israel is said to be behind ISIS and every other terror group. Never and I mean never has any of the rhetoric been proven not on any level but yet these pack of wolves go on and on about Israel which brings me nicely to today's featured video. If you listen carefully to this moving plea you will hear him make this point "If Israel or America are not involved then no one cares" No truer word spoken!!! I posted this video on my Facebook but I have noticed that not ONE of you so called humanitarian brigade have bothered to place it on your blogs, Facebook's or Twitter....I can only come up with the conclusion that your hatred for Israel and Jews generally blinds you to anything else that's happening around our world! As the video say's about you morons: 'the rest doesn't matter'. Please copy and share this video. Thank you.

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