Friday, 17 April 2015


Not all but most of you morons that bang on about Israel are probably the biggest lot of home grown non humanitarians I have ever come across. Have you ever visited Israel? NO! Do you know the history of Israel? NO! The reason that you continue to troll newspapers and social media sites is to pretend that you care for the 'Poor' Palestinians in Gaza. You don't, the reason you do what you do is because you are Anti Semites. You have NO idea what goes on in Israel and for that very reason alone you hunt for anything that's anti Israel through the internet etc, If you had to write about it yourself your page would be blank.

Other tell tale signs you lot don't give a shit about Palestinians unless a Jew is involved: Have you ever written about the 25,000 Palestinians that are been slaughtered in Yarmouk. Do these Palestinians not matter or is it OK for them to be starved to death simply because there is no Jew involved. Do the Palestinians in Gaza protest against ISSIS that their murdering fellow Palestinians? Here's what one Arab papers says: While a Christian holocaust is happening in Iraq, you’d think the Palestinians would show a drop of sympathy for their Arab brethren getting killed by the droves. But now it has been revealed that their main concern is that the US led coalition’s assault on ISIS will affect Hamas funding in Gaza and therefore stop the supply of cement for new tunnels (meant for homes) and rockets for future attacks on Israel. The Palestinian Authority prefer no action be taken against the Islamic State. How totally disgusting is that, just think about it. The Palestinians in Gaza greatest fear in their leaders Hamas and most certainly not Israel. One Palestinian said 'Our prays are that Hamas will not attack Israel as the cost of human life is simply to high'

Do you need further proof that unless a Jew is involved human life is worthless as far as these so called humanitarians are concerned. Let me give you another example. Today the news announced one of the most horrendous crimes against humans I have read in a long time: Police arrested a group of Muslim migrants in Italy for throwing 12 Christians overboard during a dangerous journey from Libya by rubber boat, CNN reported on Thursday. All those who were thrown overboard died. (Think about it, a slow death, eaten alive by sharks, its so unthinkable but it's true)

According to police, the suspects, all Muslim, hailed from Mali, Senegal and the Ivory Coast. The 12 Christians who were killed came from Nigeria and Ghana.

During the incident, Palermo police reported that others on the boat "strongly opposed the drowning attempt and formed a human chain" and thus avoided a similar fate to those killed.

The Italian navy intercepted the boat and transferred the people to a Panamanian-flagged ship, which arrived in Palermo on Wednesday. Arrests were made shortly thereafter.
Any thing in Facebook's ???? of course not , No Jew involved. I rest my case.

ANOTHER INTERESTING POINT ABOUT THESE GROUPS ON ANTI SEMITES: There is a common thread among this group, if they are not posting their anti Semitic rubbish they are all posting about pedophiles and sex. They love hunting through the press looking for anything to do with sex, photos , stories etc. I'll leave up to you to make up your own minds on that one.

Just one other point. I read on a few Facebook's that you should be encouraged to visit Gaza for your holidays to show support for the 'Poor' Palestinians. Anyone of you going? Lets just leave it at that !!!!

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