Saturday, 4 April 2015

147 dead, Islamist gunmen killed after attack at Kenya college

This is what Muslim Islamists did . Just 3 simple words needed: Wake up world


Why in the name of all that is sane does the British government want back those Muslims fanatics who are trying to enter Syria to 'fight' alongside ISIS? As one journalist wrote:
'After learning that his son Waheed had been arrested trying to enter Syria with eight relatives, Shakil Ahmed — a Labour Councillor in Rochdale — said he was shocked and worried. Not half as worried as the rest of us!'
Initial estimates indicated that 600 Brits had fled to Syria to join IS, of whom about half have already returned home. Now it’s believed that the figure may be closer to 2,000, with more like Waheed and his entourage arriving every week. This week, the United Nations revealed that Syria and Iraq have become finishing schools for more than 20,000 foreigners who are learning to kill and inflict terror before returning to their home countries.
Is the Government just returning a bunch of fanatical extremest murderers to mix into society? Is this not what ISIS want? I say let them go stay and possibly die in Syria along side their brutal comrades and not allow this cancer to spread in our countries before if it's not to late!

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