Friday, 20 February 2015


I know that the only thing that gets you excited is when you read, copy and paste anything anti Semitic. OK. OK anti Zionist. I know you don't even consider what the Islamic terror groups are doing as a crime. I know you NEVER report the horrors on your Facebook's Well try this for size....

Horrifying Act of ISIS Publicly Crushing Babies of Xtians to Death.

They claim to be the religion of peace. They are called the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria”.

In a three photos above, an ISIS cleric kills a baby belonging to a Christian family who refused to convert to Islam by stamping and crushing the baby's head. Up to 20 children are killed this way every day!!!. ISIS thugs are spreading across the Middle East and are calling on their affiliates in the United States to begin doing the same. After Friday’s beheading in Oklahoma, Americans need to both be on guard and be angry.
The “religion of peace” has started another Crusade, and most Americans are blissfully unaware.
If there’s ever a time to realize that the enemy is here and they must be defeated, it is now.

Wake up, stop talking and eradicate this scum!!!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Arab countries united with Israel to act against ISIS.

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