Tuesday, 10 February 2015

It always amazes how uneducated people follow blindly the only news they want to and that is bad news. Although the film that is about to follow is filmed by a PALESTINIAN FILM CREW AND YET THERE ARE THOSE SAD PEOPLE WHO WILL TRY TO RUBBISH IT BY USING WORDS LIKE IMPRISONED, SLAUGHTERED ETC Bollox to that.

Don't believe me????

Shocking Video Footage Of The Bright Side Of Gaza The Media Will Never Show You. A Must See, See How You've Been Brainwashed By The Media Into Thinking Gaza Is One Big Concentration Camp And How The Israeli's Are Always Blamed Falsely For Everything.

Now lets take a trip around the concentration camp. The camp the Israelis are blamed for. Camps like the Nazis built. Please sit back and watch

TUT, TUT someones been telling porkies!!!!!

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