Sunday, 1 January 2017

Israel delivers great news to all those who advocated the legal use of cannabis for the use on medical groundsas they announce that Israel's Ariel University opens first academic course on medical cannabis...

Medical first is being achieved yet again in Israel as they announce the first-ever academic course in the use of medical cannabis, recognized by the Council for Higher Education, has been launched by Ariel University. It was initiated by Dr. Michael Dor, a senior lecturer in health systems at the university’s Faculty of Health Sciences, chief adviser of the Health Ministry, a family medicine specialist and a former senior ministry official.

The course is designed for students in the field of medical administration, after they have completed one year of study at least; priority was given top those who have experienced in in the health sector.

Today, cannabis use in Israel for recreational and other non-medical uses are illegal, like heroin and cocaine. But tens of thousands of patients with pain, lack of appetite, nausea and other problems have been licensed by the Health Ministry to use it. As patients benefited, more began to began to demand a change in the status of cannabis as illegal.

Israeli researchers have had a major impact in the field, as the Hebrew University’s Prof. Raphael Mechoulam was the first to identify the active ingredient of cannabis and made more discoveries that aroused interest around the world.

While it does not treat cancer, cannabis can reduce side effects and make them bearable. It can also ease epilepsy in children. There is evidence that it can also ease the effects of fibromyalgia. Each month, a committee of senior doctors present evidence of its effects in their field.

I like millions of others will be delighted with this news from Israel, no, not for me but for those of you who remembers my interview with a police woman who suffers from cancer. She said that the daily pain she suffered from the top of her head to the balls of her feet made life unbearable and the only thing that would help her through the day was cannabis. The story takes an extraordanery twist when she told me she was in the narcotics branch of the police force yet she was made to break the law because the only way she could get a supply of the plant was by sending her husband out to buy from ill angle street dealers not knowing how pure the cannabis was and what was mixed in with it. This is a fucking disgrace and thankfully Israel, yet again, has risen to the task.

I really hope that one of these BDS morons needs Israel developed cannabis for cancer pain relief and let's see him or her refuse to take it. No chance.

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