Tuesday, 24 January 2017

I'm tired. I've just flown in from London but before I rest this evening I thought I might make a comment on all the rubbish on Trump I've been reading in the press, both British and International, over my weekend away and feel compelled to put on record my point of view.

Firstly, what the fuck are all these marches and violent demonstration hoping to achieve??? The same question may I ask to those putting such nonsense on their Facebook's and insane blogs? The answer is nothing all you are is a bunch of fucking losers. End Of. Donald Trump IS the President of The United States Of America whether you like it or not ,LIVE WITH IT. HE IS A WINNER.

I love all these conspiracy theorists who inform us hes going to be investigated for this illegally or that. BULLSHIT.

The bottom line you lot HATE SUCCESS something I've suffered in a small way all my life.

A little tip: stop trolling webpages for hatred all the time you find subjects that not only make you look stupid but are backed by a bunch of losers!! Hail to the chief and lets see at least if he can do a good job. If not criticize him , if he does applaud him as I will.

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