Sunday, 7 February 2016

Here's a question for Lora Lucero and her merry band of numskulls. A simple answer will do, No sidestepping, just an answer: 'Should Israel retaliate when Hamas bombs Israel?' Now, that's not difficult is it?. Israel has NOT retaliated re the murders that are going on daily , on their streets or the murderers Hamas tunnels that have been found. As Hamas says 'We are preparing another major war with Israel'. Wait a minute, Really? So you know in advance you will achieve nothing but witness the death of thousands of your Palestinian people, You go that far as to achieve your dirty propaganda against Israel? you know the boarders will stay firmly shut both in Israel and Egypt in fear of your terrorist attacks, so 'YOUR' people are locked in with little hope of work in Israel. Egypt won't give work to the Palestinians. So Hamas what is the real cause?

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