Monday, 15 February 2016

Here is the definite proof that the anti Israeli morons are in fact anti Semites. You see for years I've maintained these armchair heros who hide behind false name, who in fear of being exposed use statements like 'not my words but theirs' this is the misunderstanding that will not see them prosecuted, they seem to think that by publishing the anti Semite posts is okay as long as its not written by them. Idiots! Any way back to my proof.

My statements that say, unless Israel is included these pack of brainless idiots are not interested has been 100% proven today when it has been announced the Egypt is about to cut electrical power to Gaza. Do you care? Do you fuck!

Egypt will disconnect two power transmission lines that provide electricity to the southern Gaza Strip on Friday morning, Public Relations Director of Gaza’s electricity company Mohammed Thabet has said.

In a telephone interview with Sawa news site on Thursday evening, Thabet said the Egyptian authorities had informed the company that they plan to disconnect the two power transmission lines that supply Rafah with electricity at 7:00 am until further notice due to maintenance.

Thabet warned that this will lead to a large deficit in the power supply, especially since the power supply line coming from Israel has not been working for the past seven days.

Unlike Israel Egypt will not let any supplies into Gaza and have destroyed 100's of Palestinian homes on the boarder with Egypt for 'security reasons'.

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