Saturday, 13 February 2016

Donald Moore: One of the reasons I went to live in Marbella 12 years ago.(approx.) was that I had stumbled upon an Irish broadcaster on Onda Cero Radio called Moo Boo. I have never lost interest in Radio and as many people know I am regarded as a pioneer in Irish radio history and am also featured in the Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame for my contribution...Inductee along with Gay Byrne..(GOD) 2013. It was a sad day for broadcasting when Dr Moo Boo (as I call him) hung up the houndogs and closed Italk Fm. To my mind Dr Moo Boo is one of the great Irish Broadcasters and ranks up the top with the likes of Terry Wogan, Gay Byrne, Stephen Rhodes and the late Gerry Ryan. I sent a message to Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show suggesting they should drag Moo Boo back to Ireland and make him an offer he can,t refuse.DR Moo would breath some life into Today FM or 2 FM

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