Tuesday, 10 November 2015

This ridicules woman Lora Lucero has set herself as some sort of missionary as she has now arrived in Gaza to try to bring a message of peace and understanding to the plights of the Palestinians she says by making America aware of their situation. Is this woman no one but another wannabe hero.

My message to Ms Lucero. If you want to bring a message of love , peace and understanding to this very volatile area STOP SPREADING one sided hatred towards Israel. Why do you report only attacks on Palestinians but NEVER report attacks on Israelis, why do you ONLY report the difficulties in gaining access to Gaza from Israel but NEVER report about the brutality from Egypt towards the Palestinians including the closer and destroying hundreds of Gaza homes on the boarder between Egypt and Gaza ? Is it true you believed the IRA where correct blowing up innocent women and children in Northern Ireland because they believed the British stole Ireland's Land and their cause was for a united Ireland. Do you believe Spain should start sending rockets and suicide bombers into Gibraltar because they rightfully believe the land is theirs. Do you believe England shouldn't of defended the Falklands or we should condemn America for slaughtering the Indians or as I believe your hatred of Jews and Israel is far greater than your love of anyone one else.

Now the solution to stop Israeli's killing Palestinians . Look and learn lady and teach those who your hanging out with.

I suppose im waisting my breath on this woman as she refused to debate with me a sign of someone to scared to be shown up in public and who belived that i alone are brain washed because I support Israel but she is not because she supports, so she say , Palastinians, I asked her why she didnt show any sympathy tooewards the 25,000 Palastinians starving to death is Syria and it was then and without answereinf she bloked me from her Facebook showing like so many her true clours.

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