Sunday, 22 November 2015

Here is a list of cold blooded murders over the last few months in Israel. These innocent Israeli were doing nothing to deserve being cut down in their prime of life, they weren't shooting at people , they weren't trying to stab people , they weren't throwing rocks at people . No they died because they were Israelis. Thankfully those that committed those horrendous crimes were either imprisoned or shot. A lesson for those thinking of murdering an Israeli there is a very strong probability you will shot.

Palestinian woman walks up to a gaurd has a few words then kills him

And here is a clear message.

November 19
Reuven Aviram (51), Rabbi Aharon Yesiab (32), Yaakov Don (51), Ezra Schwartz (18)

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed two people to death in the Panorama office building, outside the door of a room in the building used for prayer where afternoon services were taking place. Two more individuals sustained minor injuries. Workers in the Panorama building were instructed to go into lockdown as police searched for a possible second attacker.

In a seperate incident later in the day, a Palestinian attacker opened fire with an uzi machine gun on Israeli vehicles in Gush Etzion sitting in traffic. Three people were killed in the attack, including an American student participating in a gap-year educational program, an Israeli man, and a Palestinian man. The suspect was arrested at the scene.

November 13
Rabbi Yaakov Litman (40), Netanel Litman (18)

Yaakov Litman and his son Netanel were shot to death by Palestinian gunmen who opened fire on their vehicle neat the Otniel junction in Southern West Bank. The two were seated in the front seats of their car when the terrorist opened fire. Litman's wife, who sustained minor injuries, and three daughters were in the back seat of the car.

November 4
Staff Seargent Benjamin Yaakovovich (19)

A Palestinian terrorist purposefully rammed his car into Staff Seargent Benjamin Yaakovovich, seriously injuring him. The perpetrator was apprehended directly following the attack, but Yaakovovich died of his wounds four days later.

October 20
Avraham Asher Hasano (50)

Israeli citizen Avraham Asher Hasano was driving in Fawwar, south of Hebron, when Palestinians began pelting his car with stones and he was unable to drive. He exited his vehicle and was hit by a truck and was killed.

October 18
IDF Soldier
Omri Levy (19)

21 year old Palestinian assailant Muhanad Alukabi took the rifle of 19 year old Israeli soldier Omri Levy, and killed him with it. He opened fire in a crowded bus station with the rifle, and injured 11 other people. An Eritrean immigrant was shot by an Israeli security guard and beaten to death by an Israeli mob, suspected of being a second attacker.

October 13
Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky (60), Haim Haviv (78), Alon Govberg (59), Richard Lakin (76).

Two Israelis were killed and fifteen injured in a stabbing and shooting attack on a bus in Southern Jerusalem. The attackers stormed the bus and blocked people from getting off, while attempting to take control of the wheel and ram the bus into a crowded public place. One assailant opened fire with a gun while the other stabbed the bus passengers. Israeli police killed one attacker and managed to take the other into custody. One of the people injured in the attack, 76 year old Richard Lakin, died of his injuries two weeks after the attack. Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky was struck by a car in Jerusalem simultaneously as the bus attack was happening. He was taken to a local hospital but died of his wounds.

October 3
Nahmia Lavi (23), Aaron Bennet (24)

A Palestinian man approached a group of Israelis in Jerusalem's Old City on October 3, 2015, and began stabbing, according to Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld. The attacker injured one woman and her baby, and stabbed two other members of the group to death. Israeli police shot the attacker on site, where he died. Palestinian Islamic Jihad issued a statement claiming the attacker was a member of their organization.
October 1
Eitam Henkin, Naama Henkin (both early 30's)

Eitam and his wife Naama were ambushed by Palestinian gunmen as they drove with their four children, all under the age of 10, in the West Bank on October 1, 2015. The gunmen shot Eitam and Naama multiple times and they were pronounced dead at the scene, while the children who had just witnessed their parents murder were only lightly injured. They were buried the following day, and Eitam's parents stated at his funeral that they would raise the children as their own. The funeral was attended by Israeli President Rueven Rivlin, who delivered a eulogy. During the subsequent week it was revealed that the husband, Eitam, was an American citizen, and five Hamas members were arrested in connection with the attack.
September 14
Alexander Levlovitz (64
Alexander Levlovitz was killed after the car that he was driving was struck by stones thrown by Palestinian youths. He lost control of the vehicle and crashed while on the way home from celebrating Rosh Hashanah with his family, seriously injuring two female passengers and sustaining injuries himself that would eventually claim his life. Four Palestinian youths were arrested during the following weeks.
June 30
Malachi Rosenfeld (25)

Rosenfeld and a group of three friends were attacked by a Palestinian individual with a gun on the evening of June 29, 2015 in the Binyamin region, North of Tel Aviv. Rosenfeld's three friends sustained less serious injuries, but Rosenfeld succumbed to his bullet wounds the next day. The Shin Bet arrested the suspects who carried out the attack on July 19, 2015. The attack was perpetrated by Hamas member Ahmed Najar, who was one of the prisoners released during the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal in 2011.
June 19
Danny Gonen (25)

Danny Gonen was travelling in the West Bank in his vehicle with another 25-year old friend, when he was waved down on the side of the road by a Palestinian man seeming to need their assistance. The man opened fire on the vehicle, striking Gonen multiple times but leaving his friend relatively unharmed. Gonen was airlifted to a hospital but died of his wounds. Hamas issued a statement claiming that they “welcome this excellent and heroic attack.” The individual who attacked and killed Gonen was arrested three weeks later by Shin Bet security forces.
April 15
Shalom Sherki (25)

Shalom Sherki was killed and his girlfriend was seriously injured on Holocaust Remembrance Day, when West Bank resident Khaled Koutineh ran his car into a bus stop in Jerusalem. Koutineh was arrested and after questioning admitted to perpetrating the attack. Sherki was the son of a prominent Israeli Rabbi, and hundreds of people attended his funeral. Weeks after his death, security camera footage was released, clearly demonstrating that Koutineh deliberately rammed his car into Sherki and his girlfriend. To view the footage, click here.

Israeli police released this footage on Tuesday showing a Palestinian man in Jerusalem ramming his vehicle into pedestrians and then getting out and attacking them with a machete-like weapon. Footage showed the driver getting out of the car and stabbing one of the pedestrians who was knocked down earlier after being hit by the vehicle while waiting at the bus stop. The attacker later stabbed another man before being shot by a private security guard.

So you bunch of Israeli haters. Do you think the murder of these innocent Israelis is correct? Do you think the terrorists were any better than the savages in Paris? If so then you must agree with the early tactics of the IRA, you must agree with the murder of Protestants and Solders , they did this because they believed the English stole their land, they wanted a united Ireland. Is this the sort of behavior you agree with?

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