Saturday, 14 November 2015

Ive just spent a few minutes looking up blogs of anti Semites who started off blaming Israel for the appalling attack on Paris, and now saying its all false flags. Any excuse they can use to blame anyone but the savages who have now admitted they carried out the attack. Odd they are even disagreeing with ISIS and refuse to believe its them that are responsible even after they have admitted it! They are all the same this lot , not a brain between them.

Not one of them has offered a word of sympathy towards the family's who have lost loved ones and those who are lying in hospitals terribly wounded and fighting for their lives. Just waiting for Corbyn to object to the killing of the scum terrorists and suggest they should have been arrested and brought to a fair trial!!!!

Just looked at Lora A. Lucero blog all she seems to care are hert so called Jewish colleagues who chose to politely ignore me years ago.
Not about the angry Jewish leaders in the community who denounced me publicly.
And not about the Jews who criticize my advocacy about Palestine and Israel. This is the lead on her blog today NOT a word of sympathy or condemnation for the massacre that was carried out in Paris yesterday. .

The only thing that seems to be worrying the loser George Galloway is the red carpet laid on for India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit to UK and begging people to follow to join his YouTube channel. Not one word of condemnation and sympathy to those family's who are waking up this morning trying to come to terms that they have lost a love one to ISIS .

David Icke's web page says of the terror attacks in Paris: The political response to the Paris attacks is painfully predictable and they will seek to manipulate the understandable horror and revulsion to push on with their Big Brother state agenda and escalate war in Syria and the Middle East. The next few days will see efforts to exploit the attacks to implement what the agenda of their masters has long planned. Given that these attacks are perfect for justifying what they have wanted to do all along, does anyone really believe that they happened by chance just when they needed something like this to happen?
Message to David. Sad to let you know but ISIS have admitted to carrying out the slaughter.

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