Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thanks again to Mr G for the information on a very active anti Israel blogger called Lora A Lucero. To tell you truth I had never heard of her until today and started to read some of her blogs.

For a person who try's to come across as a humanitarian hoping peace should prevail on behalf of the Palistians her blog does nothing more than insite hatred. Not content that the war of last year, in fact it's over a year since the last bomb was dropped or the last rocket fired and with much to write she decides to run a day by day dairy of last years war. Why? What does she hope to achieve by this? Is she simply frustrated because Hamas and the IDF are not at war prompted her to dig up last years war instead!

Whilst Israel is surrounded by countries where daily hanging, stoning to death, beheading and beating for crimes as little of being gay seems to escape her blog. The starvation of 25,000 Palistnians in Syria seems of little concern of hers! She passes on Israels extraordanery humantarian record of helping thousands of Syrian refugees, the 250 tons of food and medicine delivered weekly by Israel Into Gaza whilest Egypt keeps its border into Gaza firmly locked, in fact only a few months ago the Egptian army destroyed hundreds of Palastnian home in Gaza as they felt they were a security risk as they were built to near the Gaza Egypt boarder! Why did she decide this wasn't worth a mention.

So if you are passionate about seeing peace for the Palastinians why not post some positive events in your blog I.e the Palastnian/ Israeli orchestra or the joint education program.

The war is over, for the time being lady, please start reporting on positivity and not your reports that are so full hatred . Thank you. Maurice

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