Saturday, 8 August 2015

I never would have believed this if a psychic told me it a year and a half ago. but in the last two weeks I've turned down (yet again) a return to radio, an invitation to appear on UK's Channel 4's hugely popular TV show Come Dine with Me and finally an investigation show on the Missing Amy Fitzpatrick (I think for ITV).

I'm amazed after all this time out of the spotlight that I still continue to be ask to step back in.

The two TV shows were a lot easier to turn down than the return to radio but you know I'm enjoying my life so much now doing what I'm doing. I love being with people , I enjoy meeting clients from very different back grounds , in fact in the last two weeks I've sold to a Syrian doctor, an Iranian banker from Goldman Sachs and a TV director from Abu Dhabi. Yesterday it was a stunning young family from Belgium but living in Switzerland also in banking.

Marbella property market is booming and it seems I stepped into it at the correct time.

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